year 6 Leavers


Rievaulx Activity Day - Monday 5th July 2021 - Shipwrecked - Island Escape. 
Timetable for this day below:

Letter to parents: Wednesday 23rd June 2021


Year 6 Leavers’ Arrangements 2021

Dear parents/carers of pupils in Year 6

We are sure that you are anxious to know how arrangements this year will work for pupils leaving school for their chosen secondary schools. With the ongoing pandemic, increasing cases of covid-19 in Calderdale and national restrictions we have had to carefully consider the health and safety of pupils, staff, families and the community as well as guidance whilst making arrangements to give our pupils a fantastic end of Year 6 experience.

As you are already aware, children in Class Rievaulx have their teambuilding/bushcraft day on Monday 5th July.

The final week in school is the week beginning Monday 19th July. Leavers’ celebrations will be on the Thursday and Friday of this week.
On Thursday 22nd July, children in Class Rievaulx will have a shared breakfast in school with time to socialise with their classmates and some fun activities together in the hall. Children will be able to order their breakfast the week before (a choice of bacon/sausage sandwiches with vegetarian alternative available). Therefore, children will not need a large breakfast before school as we plan that they will eat together at around 9:15am. Also on Thursday, children in Year 6 will receive a blessing from Father Hall. This is planned to take place outside within the school grounds on a distanced basis and, due to restrictions, we will not be able to invite parents to join us.

Throughout their final day on Friday 23rd July, children will enjoy fun activities, receive and be able to wear their new hoodies and children from their own class bubble will be able to sign their polo shirt. We ask that children bring a spare polo shirt to be signed and we will not allow children to sign their new hoodies. Children will celebrate their time at St Patrick’s as a class during this day. Children will have their school meal or packed lunch as usual.

On this final day, children in Year 6 will depart early from school from 2:20pm and, as they leave, they will be presented with their leavers’ certificate by their class teacher. We very much hope that the weather is fine and that each child in Year 6 will be able to have a maximum of 2 parents/family members present to collect them as they depart. Parents and carers would be asked to remain on the pavement, distanced and wearing a mask where possible and children will leave via the car park. Children can then leave school following this.

We understand that these arrangements are very different to how we would hope to celebrate and mark these final days of your child’s time here at St Patrick’s but we thank you for your continued support and understanding with this matter. We made similar arrangements for our leavers last year which, despite the changes, worked well and were enjoyed by children and their parents.

Kind Regards,



Mrs Lianne Lomas

Executive Headteacher

Mrs Alex Hudson-Crook
Head of School

Mrs Amy Blasket
Interim Head of School