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Mrs Christine Bowden leaves St Patrick’s today (16th April 2021) after 23 years of dedicated service to our school, its pupils, families and community. Mrs Bowden, as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, has taught hundreds of pupils at St Patrick’s and has been instrumental in organising so many wonderful experiences and events for our children, our families and the wider community including charity events for Overgate Hospice, Macmillan Coffee Morning and other local causes, leading Personal, Social, Health and Economic activities such as ‘Walk to School’ events and our appearance on Calendar news a few years ago, leading and implementing computing developments in school including Purple Mash software which has enabled our pupils to develop their computing skills from a young age. This space has been created for families to leave a message for Mrs Bowden.

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Freddie Balaam(about a week ago)

Thank you for helping me learn, we will all miss you. All the best for the future x

Richard Hartley(less than a month ago)

Congratulations on racking up such an impressive length of service, and enjoy your new-found freedom. But don't worry, you'll still see Henry, when the ball goes over the fence (and hear him, I should imagine, when things are not going so well on the X-Box!).

Deborah Banasko, Kittie and Felix(less than a month ago)

Thank you for your care and dedication to the children of our school over the years... you will be very missed and I’m sure it’s going to be a massive change for you (“part of the furniture” springs to mind!) Wishing you lots of love and fun in the future ... x